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Tailless Squirrel and the Lamp

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Welcome back readers as we enter the month of October… Chills, spooky things, and the effects of autumn are around for the world to witness.

These last couple of days has given me the chance to finish a paper mache project and test it, along with having a visitor to our house: a squirrel that lost his/her tail.

Poor little creature was looking for something to eat and he must have recognized me. I doubt it was checkers, though it might have been one of the other furballs that I have fed. It came with my call but was very skittish. Later in the week I did see my Checkers squirrel, and when I called him he came immediately and without fear.

P10-08-12_17.00[1] P10-08-12_16.41 P10-08-12_16.41[1] P10-08-12_17.00


Secondly, I told all of you that I would be posting an update on that paper mache lamp, well here are the pictures:



Notice that I kept the blurry images and this one really spooky lightning picture. I really enjoyed the project and feel vindicated that you can actually make a candle lamp out of paper mache.


Have a great weekend!!


Written by Josecito

October 6, 2012 at 7:18 pm

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