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The hobby of mead making..

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This week I started my gallons of fungi fermenting fun fruity frothy goodness! Yes you read that correctly, yeast is a fungi, and the ones that I was playing with convert sugars into that wonderful chemical known as alcohol. These last couple of days I have been preparing 4 different types of mead (which is a honey fermented drink).

I used 3 different types of yeast, D-47, EC 1118 and Premier Cuvee (which I am certain is the same as EC 1118).

Gallon 1: 4 pounds honey sweet mead

Gallon 2: 4 pounds honey dry mead

Gallon 3: 2 pounds honey, 1/2 gallon Cranberry juice

Gallon 4: 2 pounds honey, 1/2 gallon Grape juice


Only time will tell if these fermentations render themselves drinkable. In some cases it can take anywhere from 1 month to 3 years to gain a good batch of drinkable mead. I will test these several month’s from now and evaluate. Notice my mother hugging one of the bottles. She does this because the batch is very very warm from the heating phase ( I know most mead makers frown on heating the mead, but I want the added security of killing any bad bacteria).


P10-08-12_17.31 P09-23-12_00.44 P10-04-12_20.33


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September 22, 2012 at 7:05 pm

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