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Overregulation, Stupidity and the Philadelphia Airport

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This is my formal protest on the stupidity of the people of the United States.

At some point; I am not sure when, this society started its’ decline into a moronic culture.

As I waited to pick up my Aunt from the airport the other night, I noticed something terribly wrong with the way an exit door was designed…


Either the people that constructed them were morons, and/or they were intended for the lowest intelligence level of humanity..


For those of you curious about what I am describing, just take a look at this picture and see if you can not guess at why I was upset:



Notice anything strange? This is the exit at one of the airport terminals. This exit area, has been built with idiots in mind:

1. It has one big sign that says: “Do Not Enter”

2. Each of the 4 doors has a red circle that says : “EXIT ONLY”

3. There are another 4 doors inside these 4 doors that also say : “EXIT ONLY”

4. There are two red LED lighted moving signs that read : “ EXIT ONLY, DO NOT ENTER”


So tell me why a single main exit area, at ONE TERMINAL (there are 5 Terminals at this airport) needs a total of ELEVEN EXIT SIGNS in such a small area?

Yet in this area, they did not invest in better seating for the waiting area, they have televisions that only show 2 small ads (wasting electricity), and 2 Arrivals Screens that show flights.

Have we declined to much that it takes Eleven signs, two of which needed to be animated moving words, to get the attention of the idiots that live here?


Written by Josecito

August 11, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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