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Silver makes the world go round

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Another short post as this is my birthday weekend. It seems as though my twin sister finally caught on to what I’ve been telling her all these years: that precious metals and investments make awesome gifts. Think about it: you really can’t spend it easily. You can’t use it up. You’re thinking about the person and their financial future. With gifts like these in a family, you’re helping to enrich each other and move up in the world.

After scrimping and saving for a while, I managed to get my nieces two ounces of silver for their Baptism. Commemorative coins celebrating their big day, they were symbols of their entrance into the world of Christendom. It will be many years before they can appreciate it, but unlike the cash gifts and other physical goods that they were given, these two presents will likely be with them until they (the young girls) can enjoy them, sell them, or put them on display. I am pretty sure that any cash they received was spent within a month on necessities and that none of it (which is depressing) will or could be invested into a college fund for them.

Well because of those gifts, my sister saw how pretty they were and for my birthday, gifted me one as well, a birthday ounce. This is her treat to me in the hopes that I can rebuild my fortune and treasures. She knows how good I am at investing and building wealth, so she is showing her confidence in my future by offering me an investment to hold and cherish.

Naturally I have moved it someplace very very safe and the chances of it ever being stolen or lost are slim.

P01-27-12_11.50 P07-24-12_15.36 P07-24-12_15.36[1]

If you want to be a wealthy person or have a wealthy family. Save your money, invest it wisely and give each other financial gifts of investment.


Written by Josecito

July 14, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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