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What happened to the Ice Cream? a.k.a Damn you Breyer’s

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I went to the store today looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Naturally one would be inclined towards the sugary goodness of a candy bar, or chocolate, or even fruit. I decided to combine them and to purchase something that I really love: ICE CREAM! Yummy goodness in the freezer.

Sadly, my trip to the supermarket was ruined and my confidence in yet another company was destroyed. I got home with the ice cream that I really wanted only to find it ruined…


I bought a half gallon of ice cream, the Chocolate Raspberry. A while back I switched to Breyer’s because I saw that the ingredients were all natural and very simple. The company reminded me of what most companies should do: provide a high quality product and stick with it. Regrettably this company has decided to ruin its’ reputation by lowering the standards of their product. Instead of a product known as “Ice Cream”, they now sell this product called “Frozen Dairy Dessert.” Mind you I think that a company has every right to sell whatever it wants to the public provided that it is morally and legally right. I am disappointed in Breyer’s because instead of just raising the costs of their product to cover the increasing prices of real foods, they chose the path of cheapening and profiteering. I am certain that this is the fault of Unilever. Whenever a conglomerate takes a company over, they usually try to suck as much profit from the brand as they can get. This usually means deceit, using lower quality standards or inputs, and pretending as best they can that nothing has changed.

Most people would pay a slightly higher price for a good product, or get a little less of that same product for the same price, rather than paying the same price or another price for a cheaper version of that product. In this case, the company lowered it’s quality to the point where it legally can not be called “ICE CREAM”. You see ice cream is required by law to have a certain % of ingredients, namely milk, milkfat, cream..etc. “Frozen Dairy Dessert” does not.  So here we are today, with a cheap imitation of real food. Another in a long line of companies that have given up quality for money.

What used to be a few quality ingredients, is now a long list of unpronounceable list of craptacular shit designed to deceive my mouth and my wallet. Breyer’s you suck and have lost my business as well as the business of anyone that reads this and agrees. 

P06-02-12_01.18[1] P06-02-12_01.18


Written by Josecito

June 30, 2012 at 1:17 pm

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