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Mussel Shells and Antiquity

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A short post, something to remind you just how simple life was in the gloriously unwritten past of humanity.

We discovered fire, and kindling, and that fat burned especially nicely when a wick of some kind was placed in it.

Think back to the times when we first inhabited caves and learned painting. This is what I was pondering while eating a Paleo meal of Mussels and Swiss Chard. From this I got the idea to see just how much light a simple seashell lamp would give off and how it would feel to have one.

Check out the pictures below. Simple, efficient, effective lighting for your modern caveman. A great thing to teach your kids or yourself about, and as a way of remembering your past and those people that survived and passed their genetic makeup onto you!

P05-10-12_21.09[3] P05-10-12_21.09


Written by Josecito

June 23, 2012 at 12:06 pm

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