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Budweiser Beer Change

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Recently I had the luxury of drinking a beer while cooking dinner. Normally I don’t drink much these days and it felt like a sin to let the beer that I was using be dumped down the drain. So I finished her off. Mind you, this was a Budweiser.. a beer that I had not drank in years.


Much to my surprise I was quite pleased with the beer. I always remembered this beer brand as being pretty sharp, with a tough bite and a strong flavor that never disappeared. You would burp and it would come right back up. I’ve never been sure of why this was, perhaps the types of ingredients, maybe it was a little too hoppy for me, or it could have been the factory that made it. Either way, I remember drinking Budweiser with my father when we would BBQ and marinate with it; a good memory truly, but the beer itself did not inspire the idea of a ‘smooth’ drink. Certainly I had a preference for cleaner tasting beer and my preferences were for the European pilsner imports or on the domestic side, a Miller High Life. Never was Budweiser on my top choice list..

until today.


Trying this can of Bud immediately surprised me. It appears as though they changed the recipe. It was much smoother, less bite, and dare I say it: enjoyably tasty. It smacked of the style of High Life with that varietal quality that is a mixed grain beer.

If that’s not enough to like, they even changed the beer tab to include that sweet emblem of their company.

Keep it up guys, the beer is great and you’re winning back my business.!!


Written by Josecito

June 16, 2012 at 11:52 am

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