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Paper Mache Boat: A retrospective

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Well I have waited about two month’s for a sail to be finished with my boat and will more than likely wait till the cows come home (a figure of speech). Since I have no experience with sewing I asked her for the favor of making the sail in the first week of April. She made the sail to my specifications and right before she handed it to me, she ‘magically’ had an accident whereby a series of cuts across the bottom of the sail appeared, rendering her useless without a patch/repair. I advised her to go ahead and make the repairs as this was the only thing I needed (having since decided to use some small bits of wood here as oars) and once complete I could size up the eyelets (holes for running the rigging) and do a test rigging before sailing. Yes, you read that right, the sail was the final piece of the boat needed and she in her usual way has managed to delay my project for two months. 

Well my sister (since this is her house and she has been more than patient with my project) has become fed up and really wants her space back in the Florida Room. So this week I’ve given her an ultimatum: sew the damned sail or I’m chucking the project. Naturally she feigned disbelief but knowing my mother and her passive aggressive attempts at preventing other people’s success, she will not complete the sail repair (which from what I’ve seen of her sewing over the years would take about 5 minutes time).

——————————-Update 6-7-2012————————————————–


The boat has been destroyed. I took a jigsaw to it this morning and threw out all materials pertaining to the project. I am disgusted by her and by the loss of so much time and effort. The lesson learned here is simple: Do not depend on anyone for what you want to do. I will be building another boat in the future, just not here, not with my family and certainly none of them will know of the project until it is completed. They suck up too much of my time and have been a thorn in my side for too many years. I have no doubt from the testing that this boat would have performed fantastically. The small scale tests worked, the materials were a hassle to dismantle (imagine it is just cardboard, newspaper, flour, paint, and a think coat of polyurethane.)

I truly am pissed off at her now. I do not blame her for my boats destruction as this was entirely my decision. I do hold her responsible for my delay, for her BS hostility towards my projects and her blatant attempts at sabotaging my ideas. She has lost my trust and my faith in her abilities to get anything accomplish or as a useful participant in my projects.

So I will wait, I will do other things, and I will build another boat, with other people (or better still alone) and I will learn sewing so that I do not have to wait for other people.


Written by Josecito

June 2, 2012 at 2:45 pm

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