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Treasure Island

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I am not entirely sure if I mentioned in my blog that my latest book was Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Well that was the book read for the month of May and I completed it in about three days. I just couldn’t put it down! It was a very fast read, which makes sense because it was written with young boys in mind. All in all I miss my youth and the idea of sailing around on the high seas looking for adventure, pirates and of course TREASURE!!!

It is such a pity that so few people can take their youthful imaginations with them to the adult world. I think we’d all be happier and less stressed if every once in a while we played in dirt, fought with stick swords and wore costumes that were little more than foil, glue, and cardboard! Today there are very few toys that help a child’s imagination and our world is showing the results of it via boring people, boring writers and above all: easy problems that can not be solved.  Perhaps instead of wasting time in classes that teach Black History, or Women’s Suffrage, we could just take an hour a day to let the kids play without boundaries and without too much supervision (eg. Only help the kids if the kids request it, otherwise let them learn about the world).

I remember as a kid we could still build tree houses, go karts, and do dangerous things. Today everything is safety coated, everything is sanitized. Why can’t we toss out the video games and get back to the real world? Because no one is home to promote it. Think about it: The first thing parents do with their children is put them in front of a TV, not in front of other kids. IF they have to do anything the first thing they do is tell the kids not to leave the house. The end result are angry energetic kids with no imagination and no future.

Take your kids outside, play without toys or better yet… make your own with them. Finally read Treasure Island to them or have them read it on their own and for the love of god… have them bury treasure and find it later!!


treasure-island-jolly-boat Treasure-island04


Written by Josecito

May 29, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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