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A day of Ballet: Peter Pan

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An interesting thing to realize is that you have missed out on some gainful insight into humanity vis a vie the cultural offerings that are around you. Such was my predicament last week when I came to the realization that I have never been to a professional ballet performance. Thusly armed with my lack of said experience, I set out to correct the problem and did a few online searches for upcoming ballet productions. Lo and behold I was lucky enough to find out that Peter Pan was being performed at the Academy of Music on May 12th at 2pm! I immediately went out and asked several of my friends if any would be interested in seeing the show with me and as predicted by their geographical location, they were less than interested or even excited at the possibility of improving their characters.

So I went online, visited the Pennsylvania Ballet Company’s website and found myself an affordable seat and made a day of it in center city. The show itself was fantastic and was not the Disneyfied version of the story. Not a since word was spoken during the performance and yet, all could be understood. I even had a good seat next to some wonderful young ladies who were more than happy to flirt with me as the show started and into the lobby. I may end up having some nice new friends because of this, pretty ones too!  I am now a ballet fan and advocate of yet another disappearing cultural art form. Thus today’s blog post is written to encourage all of you to visit the ballet or other true expression of high culture and make your own decision about its’ value to you and society at large. One amusing thing about the front cover of the Playbill: the legs are those of a man as they are very hairy.. well maybe they could be those of a Russian woman.. I’ve seen some girls that had more hair than I did.

Have a good time.. rise above your station in life and you may find the return trip is unbearable.

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Written by Josecito

May 12, 2012 at 3:54 pm

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