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Topography day

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Recently I had a friend of mine need advice and some time to learn about something that I’ve grown to love since my days as a soldier in the Armed Services. What I am referring to is Topography or the study of surface shapes, terrains and various other things that you might find on a map. You see my friend has two children and one of them needed to make a generic topographical map to show contours of mountains, rivers and whatnot and she had no clue what to do. Needless to say neither did the child, who I think is about eleven years old.

Given my previous experience in paper mache, map reading and love of all things Terran, she called me up to ask for help in locating various things like sand, rocks, wood, and advice on how to proceed. Naturally a short phone call passed and she finally asked me to come up and help her make a rudimentary model with her children. So I left, went up and we hung out for the day getting sticky from the craft materials. All in all I’d say that it was fun, we ate pizza and soda (cause really.. they’re so good for us it is like health food).

If any of you have projects involving geography with your children or are bored and don’t know what to do with your time, I recommend teaching them about maps and features they might find on a terrain. The hands on approach helps them learn, it helps provide time for families to be together and doesn’t require people to be stuck in front of a television or computer screen. Here are two pics of the work in progress, Kim and Colin were great sports at having patience with learning this stuff and getting dirty with the flour, water and glue. LOL This was not painted nor dry (as the mache takes a while to dry out), but so far I think the kid will get a good grade in school and have fun doing it. Hurray for learning!

P04-29-12_02.31 P04-29-12_02.30

Wikipedia Page on Topography

NASA’s page on Map making with clay

Wikipedia Raised Relief Map Page

Excellent page  with details and pictures


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April 28, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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