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A little hodgepodge update

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Things are going well in my life, my dating life has been great but I can’t help but miss my ex and my time with her. Memories take a long time to fade and my love for her will be with me forever. Hopefully she is doing ok and that her life is turning out wonderful as well as her career. Nothing upset me more than to know that she couldn’t wait any longer and that the relationship was holding her back. ( I would have waited until the end of time to be with someone I love and care about)  She was my kindred spirit and a true love of mine. I imagine that it is meant to be, that we will see each other again when we are ready. My only hope is that she learns to grow up and stop acting like a little spoiled child, that she learns to stop offering herself to bad people. It always pains me to know that inside her is an incredible woman who is letting stupid decisions ruin her chance for marriage, love, a good family and true happiness. Yet what can I do but try to advise her? Nothing. We all must take our own path to learning and improvement and she has chosen a life of emptiness via her career. Men will end up using her like meat and throwing her away. She will eventually think that is normal and try to use her body and sex as a career tool. In the end she will be empty on the inside and hate herself, but will take that hatred out of those around her. I pity her choice, and hope that I am wrong about her, but in the years that I’ve known her, she’s shown herself to only be capable of making bad choices when it comes to romance and love.

All I can hope is that she finds true happiness or realizes that she had true happiness and changes for the better.

Enough of that topic, let us move on to other things!


I have tested a piece of my clay oil lamps, this one is a four wick lamp which probably created enough light for people to read and write. It burned for several hours without melting or failing. I remind you that this is an unfired piece of natural clay and that is is a good approximation of what our ancestors of only a few hundred years ago might have used to light up their homes and workplaces. This would have been considered a luxury and very costly to use and so the amount of light and the purpose was limited in scope to special projects.

P04-19-12_16.32 P04-27-12_13.21

Pretty isn’t it? Notice my cat after I put it out, he was a little concerned about having an open flame in the house.


Next topic: Disability fraud.

As I was walking through the park with my friend and neighbor Jen, we passed by a man in a wheelchair who kept racing down the hill and then ran back up the hill with his chair. Clearly this man wasn’t that crippled and was getting a check from our government for whatever illness he pretended to have. This is one of the reasons why the United States is failing. Fraud sucks out more money from our medical system that could be used to treat really sick people or provide free medical care for basic services. If you see something like this and have the power to stop it, then do it. This hill was a lot steeper than the picture shows.



Next Topic : book reading list.

I’ve been ahead of schedule on my goal list of reading classics. This month I should finish the following:

Paradise Lost by John Milton

The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde


I have my next book lined up and waiting for May to begin: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. In hindsight I’d say that this reading goal has provided me with some really enriching entertainment at no cost and without the need of terrible television programming. Kudos to books. Mind you the second book The Portrait of Dorian Gray was read on my phone and I kept it there as something to occupy my time while on trains or waiting. After having that experience, and trying to user Kindles, Ipads, and even Palm OS products as e-readers I have come to the conclusion that I’d rather read a physical book than a computer screen any day and that those products really are only worth the time and money if space or weight are a concern (ie. you are on a boat or traveling a lot with little room to spare). 

I do not recommend e-readers for use in schools, or for kids. Ideally they are for cruise ships, space stations, and perhaps as digital newspaper delivery systems.


That is all for this week.


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April 21, 2012 at 1:31 pm

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