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Easter Weekend

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I am writing this from my sister’s house on Good Friday ahead of schedule for the Easter Weekend. For those of you who are Christians and celebrate this day, you might remember that this weekend celebrates the day your God was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected. Naturally because of this you hand out chocolates, decorate eggs and homes with ridiculous pastel colors and spend a lot of time trying to come up with a logical way of explaining how a bunny has eggs or why the bunny places them inside a basket lined with fake grass, popcorn treats, and jelly beans.

For those of you who are not Christian and know about it, you’re most likely Jewish, a Pagan/Nature God Follower, or happen to be of yet another faith and live near/hear about these funny traditions.

Really all this time is meant to celebrate some time with family and friends, to remember that you’re lucky you made it through another winter alive and intact (when we were more agrarian), and to mark the approximate days of the start of spring planting season (speaking of which, now is a good time to plan your garden, weed it, and get planting). Little by little we lost a little more of our natural humane traditions and replace them with a poor facsimile created for the single purpose of selling wares to consumers.

Bereft of meaning we’re left with the bare minimum of living we race to see each other yet regret seeing each other, we spend time talking to each other about shows, movies, and other such trivialities, and we stuff ourselves in a vain hope that we will fill the void in our souls that only true love, family, and fidelity can create. We become plastic versions of real people doing plastic versions of real things.

This year do something better, spend time not buying crap. Make your own Easter cheer! Create a craft time, work with clay, have fun in sunlight and outdoors (weather permitting). This is a time to celebrate that you’re alive and should be spent living, not being reminded that some Jewish guy who pissed off a lot of people allegedly died for your alleged sins. He’s dead, or risen, whatever. Regardless of where he is or if he exists we should come to one conclusion: the world is here for the living, not the deceased and time spend obsessing over zombie corpses that damn us to hell is not symbolic of a healthy happy person.

So spend this time with people you care about and actually care for each other. That’s all that God would want, if there is one, or two or whatever. Don’t be sucked into staring at a naked guy on a stick bleeding out of holes on his body: that is just plain morbid.

Enjoy the weekend and be safe!!


Written by Josecito

April 7, 2012 at 4:43 pm

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