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As you all know I have been working on a paper mache project that is a long time coming. It is a sailboat and I have set an anticipated completion date for this boat on April 6th 2012. Mind you this isn’t the launch date (because the weather has to be nice), this is just a date at which I need to produce a functional sailing vessel. All in all the work is nearly completed. I have it coated in two coats of polyurethane. I have picked out which mast I am going to use and have started measuring places for the rudder, the leeboard and mast stays. Once those are up and connected I can make a final check of items in case (or with certainty) parts need touch up repairs. One thing I did notice was that the boat is more fragile than I imagined. Every move outside causes a little scratch and ding. It has gotten to the point where the only parts I am now worried about are the spots most likely in contact with water for extended periods.


Based on my original thoughts, I think that this will be a one time, or two time use object. That is not a depressing thought for something made of materials so water permeable. Since it was my first paper mache project ever (and since then I have learned a lot more about the materials and gained insights that would make a superior product today) I can only hope that she floats once, and be blessed if she manages a second day trip. The videos of testing I did on scale modeling do confirm what would happen if water started leaking into the layers.. and that a slow disintegration would commence. I can only keep my fingers crossed as The Corfield takes her first and final steps into the watery death that awaits her. Will she at least put up a good fight and prove the concept? Will she collapse and fold like a house of cards upon the initial entry or worse.. transport. Only time will tell.

In the meanwhile, my dog fell and hurt her back about two weeks ago, causing me to start on paper mache project idea #4: bed steps for puppy. Made of cardboard layers and shaped to resemble a small two step staircase, this little project has already been tested using books at being able to withstand over 60lbs. I had my dog walking on it yesterday and realize she will need some treads for her safety. Polyurethane is a slick coating, and my dog doesn’t have enough friction to keep from a risk of falling from using it. Still look at the pictures and notice how this last project is turning out. Not too shabby.

Maybe by project #6 or #10 I can start doing real nice professional work, at which time, that throne will be created. I also thought about building a suit of armor out of the stuff and surprising my aunt with it. All in time I suppose. One thing is certain: the material is viable for real furniture and strong enough to last.


I have attached a few pics of some things that transpired this week.

A mini experiment in the thermal effects of using candles as a mini fireplace for warmth (neat but not effective except for a tiny bathroom sized enclosure, but good for survival)

I made a lovely strawberry and cream dessert.

I assembled a small shelving unit for my aunt.

The pics from the staircase (the boat should be next week along with my choice of book, other projects, etc)



After the first staining P02-22-12_02.28[1] P03-06-12_19.10 P03-10-12_23.24 P03-23-12_01.19 P03-23-12_01.19[1]


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March 24, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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