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Dear readers, before I begin let me thank all of you for the wonderful letters that I have received these past few weeks. I am proud that my writings have given you inspiration to continue anew the bold adventure that is living and self improvement. I myself can only hope the best for all of you as I do for myself. May your efforts bear fruit and may that fruit be delicious!

We are officially in month 3 of the 2012 year, usually this is the make or break stage for those few remaining people grasping their dreams.. don’t give up on what you’ve set out to accomplish! Stay focused!!!!

With that in mind I want to write a brief recap today of where I am with my resolutions. I will keep this short and to the point.

1. Reach Ideal Weight – this has been going great as my diet is pushing me toward losing more than 50% of my excess body weight. According to my resolution, once I reach a loss of 28lbs, I will consider the goal met. I have passed that mark by a wide margin and continue to shed fat. Huzzah for eating like our ancestors!!!


2. Maintain Positivity – So far I have been very positive and the effects are obvious. I do not argue with many people, I have more energy to invest in my endeavors, heck even Erika doesn’t have any influence over my emotional state anymore! (that is to say, if you’ve ever known me personally, I’m a romantic and my relationship success weighed heavily on my mood and productivity in years past).


3. Repair the Geo – I’ve ordered another window crank for the rear driver’s side door. I got it pretty cheap and the install will no take more than a few minutes. That and cleaning the car regularly have improved it’s appearance. Slowly it will be done!


4. Return to College – This one is still , like #’s 5, 8, and 9 require larger sums of money. However there is a glimmer of hope: I could put myself into one of those medical experiments for a week or two and get boku bucks! That should make a dent in those three goals and help me accomplish my tasks. I’ll see if the risks are worth the rewards. In the meantime viable employment is lacking around here.. staying positive


5. Body Improvement – Again see #4, nothing updated but if I get money, health insurance is certainly an option.


6. Writing – Well I am still writing this blog. The book has taken more time than anticipated but progress is being done in that department! I am guessing before March is completed, that the second book will be in print.


7. Literacy – I have read two books already, and now I am on book three. The Red and the Black by Stendhal. Reading about 20-30 pages nightly, I should finish the book (nearly 500 pp) before month’s end. It is a great read and I highly recommend it!


8. Repayment – see #4.


9. Travel – Again see #4, but know that I have a short list of places to visit again: Colombia, California, Florida, Bermuda, UK, Colonial Williamsburg, a classic train ride, The Appalachian Trail (if only for a weekend), and maybe a few other spots.


10. Long Term Goals – This is finished, I have stated it in a previous post that I will not reveal these until I feel comfortable.


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March 3, 2012 at 9:05 am

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