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Things Paleo Taught Me

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This blog is a recognition of the wonderful life inspiring and changing conditions that living a Paleo lifestyle promotes. Ever since I started this journey I have learned so much about the human body, our amazing ability to adapt to our world environments and the technologies that we created to survive. It goes without saying that our early hunter-gatherer lifestyle may be the basis for all of our habits and cultural norms. Millions of years of evolution created a human race built with the genetic know how to survive and thrive here on earth.


This is just a simple list of some things I learned about the human body and our origins.


We are built to move around for very long distances. We have sweat glands that allow us to literally run an animal to death by overheating.

We are predators and opportunists in the food hierarchy, no matter what some vegan or vegetarian tells you about it being wrong to eat another critter, just remember that your body has the enzymes, intestinal tract, and method of locomotion built to eat them.

Our brains literally got bigger and our bodies taller with the addition of eating more and more meat. Tasty critters in our stomachs give us the energy needed to think and to build civilization.

We are nomadic and spent most of our time outdoors. It  is unnatural to be seated in front of a computer indoors and away from sunlight and fresh air. Our bodies require these things and our health suffers from a lack of these things.

We are pack animals. Our internet based social networking and suburban lifestyle are unnatural. The human race is not built to live indoors and separated from one another by video screens and artificial barriers. We are built to work together with natural materials, outdoors. Our optimal groups are family sized units of egalitarian politics.

We are designed to drink alcohol, or to at least have the ability to process alcohol as a toxin and remove it from our bodies. Because of this, we most likely encountered small amounts of foods starting to ferment and survived by eating them, with the side effect of getting drunk.

Our use of technology is optimized for hand construction and/or simple solutions. Baskets, clothing, weapons, painting, writing, sculpture, housing, food preservation, and many other daily activities are best suited to simple use of hand tools and machines. Some of our best engineering designs maximize the use of human power to do the seemingly impossible. We have bicycles, boats, and planes that use human muscle.

There are obviously many other things that I can describe and give details about but I think this list gives you some idea of what it means to live a paleo lifestyle.


Written by Josecito

February 25, 2012 at 7:51 pm

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