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The decline of the written word

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As you dear readers already know about, but for the sake of any new blog viewers who need to be brought up to speed: I am reading one book a month from a list of known and accepted classics. Already I am nearly finished with book two and have come to the conclusion that my elementary and high school education (along with college level classes) have left me severely lacking on both vocabulary and placement of the literary works of the previous generations.

jeromeandlion2 This is not to say that I went to a terrible school or that my education was subpar when compared to those in my generation. The reality of my situation is that my formal years of education were with above average students, in above average classes (many of my courses allow me to compete successfully in the top 10% of American Universities and discourse). What I am decrying is the apparent lack of historical education with regards to how we, as students, are instructed. To put it in simpler terms: we are taught to read, to write and to rehash the gibberish fed to us by our state mandated ‘edjumakhatid intehljahnseeah’. These administrators, teachers, principals, and book sellers have their own agendas which are normally not in the best interest of the student and yet, use the student as their shield. None of them will out and out admit that their system for raising youth to become clear thinking adults is a farce, rather they are almost always ready with a series of patented come back phrases for why the system is failing: Classes are too big, teachers aren’t paid enough, school books are underfunded or should be replaced by whatever the latest tech fad is, students need to be coddled, we need to teach in a different manner than what history built as our current civilization, and one of my most hated – It’s not our fault, blame the ‘insert other group’.

ambassadors3 The staff of so called educators really need to be wiped off the employment roles. The students who desire to learn are hindered by their performances and methods while the students who need to be taught are not taught with the correct discipline nor methodology required to become an adequate adult. The end result is a slowly dumbing down of standards, history, morals, and overall expectations of what our nation can do or has done. We turn every minority into victims, every victory into defeat or a mark of masculine enslavement. Our nation and many other first world nations are failing because they refuse to do the one thing that might help their students : teach them reality, teach them history, and teach them to think as independent creatures. Instead we teach them a fake reality where might no longer makes right, we teach them to hate their own race and culture or to view themselves as somehow entitled to something because someone long ago did something bad to someone else. We refuse to teach them that life is a struggle and those who win get the spoils. We refuse to teach them in the literary style of the ancients, in historical means.. so that as the more modern works emerge and refer to them, they might understand the connection (and hence the human connection throughout history).

Take this book Faust, which heavily refers to many volumes of biblical, ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and other tomes of worthy variety. Although I can read this book and understand what the words mean, I already feel that I am missing out on the greater significance of what the author was trying to convey. These works were once the required reading of every student (or the desired reading) while being read in another language (usually Latin or Greek, sometimes French/German). The end result of this early teaching method was a student who could read three or four languages, who read the sum total of most of history’s greatest writers (who refer to each other’s works numerous times and thus offer a concise and intricate fabric of humanity across time).  The student is able to think not only in the moment of his own time, but how it interacts with the future and how his entire being was dependant on certain factors existing that were the result of people living centuries, if not, millennia before his birth!

sanskritscroll Today we have a hodgepodge of reading for reading’s sake in our schools. There is required reading but the list is created without concern for time, structure, history, nor difficulty. Some student luck out (like myself) and manage to read some classics while the multitude end up reading the detritus of the modern age, bereft of the gift that is a true learned man’s experience. Many will claim they received a great or even good education, but how many of those so called ‘intelligent and informed’ citizenry can recall the words they read or what they mean in the greater scheme of mankind? In years past we spoke of whom educated us, and which authors we were reading with enthusiasm because these things mattered to our education and influenced us in ways that are nearly lost to us today.

We are a lost people, robbed of our interconnected human history, taught to be subservient and complacent in our steadily declining and devolving world. Even now I try to convey my thoughts and grow frustrated at the failings that are the written words. These thoughts, no matter how poorly communicated they may be, are my expression of what I see wrong in my world today. Had I been taught in another time or by a proper professor or even alone with the proper methods I might have a superior blog post for you to peruse. I was not, and thus you have what I have written laid bare for your thoughts. I know I am not the only person alive who may think this way, and I hope that something changes. For myself I plan on homeschooling my children in the proper educational format. I plan on educating myself in the true paths of knowledge that will grant me an understanding of the world that so few can now possess.

We are returning to the days of the learned monk in a mass of illiterate serfs, those who have knowledge will guard it intensely and become a priestly class capable of wonders that today, seem trivial and common.


Written by Josecito

February 11, 2012 at 10:55 pm

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