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The world as we know it constantly changes and that is how it always has been. The rate of change; however, is never constant. Nor does the direction of change remain the same. In some respects we live in a world that might become increasingly complex, temporarily stagnant, or devolving into a naturally ordered chaos. As we live and grow in each one of these types of environments, our minds, outlooks, writings and forecasts are modified to coincide with the natural state of things around us. It would only make logical sense that in a world decaying and falling apart, that our minds tend toward depression, escapism, and the end of times. We are not brilliant creatures, merely ones that mimic and repeat things we see around us in a fashion that appears brilliant. It is because of these cycles that we have our cynics, optimists, realists, pessimists, true believers, heretics, and opportunists. Inevitably only some of these groups survive the epoch that they were born into and usually at the expense of the others. They raise the next generation, whose worldview is influenced not just from their environment, but also on their elder’s patronage and largesse.

It is for that reason, that history may not repeat but it will certainly rhyme as quipped by Mark Twain.


So with that in mind, I wish to offer you and share with you my dream. As you know there exists during many ages of man, the idea of an End Times. An Apocalypse of humanity complete with God(s) and and Anti-god(s), the survivors, the damned, and some lesson of salvation. I had this particular dream recently and came to an odd thought about mankind and his state in the natural world.


It started out with me and several people, a horde of people running and screaming in the halls of an old American style high school. The corridors were wide and the running horde felt as if it was trying to run as one giant race around the school interior. What they were running from were the dead and the grim reapers. These dead and undead creatures were grabbing people at the back of the group and turning them into the dead, who were chasing the remaining alive people. The grim reapers would surprise the head of the pack of survivors and attempt to grasp as many as possible within the bony clutches of death incarnate. The crowd ran the halls in a seemingly endless fashion, down stairwells and straight into locked double doors of exits only to find no escape from the onslaught. Finally along the first floor the few remaining (of which I was one) were surrounded near a closed door gymnasium of the school. A leader of the dead (with the pale appearance of a zombie and the boils of the plague) and grim reapers (classic hooded creatures with scythe and a skeletal body) walked up from the crowd and stared at us. It’s skull had no flesh, nor eyes. No sound was uttered and no feeling was noticed at all. Nor were there any screams. It was an odd moment for a realization. You see when you are dead, the only thing that you feel… is nothing at all but panic at your predicament. As the creature walked up to the few, the scene turned completely white and disappeared.

The next scene I saw was that of a shoreline. A port or concert area, far away from buildings but built upon dockyards as if to offer a great view and natural place for tourism. The survivors had now accepted their fate and were walking with the deceased and the reapers towards a far away nuclear power cooling tower in the distance. I had the distinct impression that these people were the damned but accepted their rule by the leader of the damned and it’s underworld. They were walking and in chains, to their awaited eternity of torture and hellish nightmares. Yet the all appeared normal and healthy, some tanned, some fat, others skinny. Only the undead were hideous, everyone else looked as if they belonged back in reality. The sky was blue, the ocean waves broke on the docks and shoreline but not animals nor birds were heard. I noticed my body had no chains, nor was I in the line toward the damned. Yet I did not feel saved nor holy. I ran to the crowd and spotted a beautiful brunette female that I apparently knew and freed her chains. At that moment a shadow rose behind me. The damned and demon alike ran with a inhumanly speed towards their destination. I alone with the freed female were left on the docks to witness a tidal wave larger than any ever seen cresting before us. I grabbed her and bid her to hold me tightly that we shall go together, to hold our breath till the last. At that moment, the wave hit us and we were inundated. Slowly we felt ourselves surface for what appeared to be an eternity.. towards a whiter surface. Our breath was giving way and we neared our deaths. Then I opened my eyes and found myself at yet another place.

I stood in front of a fairly large table, as if set beautifully in a country manor house. The room was a typical dining room, complete with dishware set out for about 8 people. The girl that I held onto was seated smiling. There were only 4 people that I could see at this table, two women seated on the left, a man in the far end side, and a woman seated at the right. There were empty chairs with dishware, waiting for another person. I was told that I am on God’s kingdom on earth and that we were the lucky few who were saved and considered chosen for salvation. I asked about the rapture and was told by a voice unseen but know to be the One that no rapture took place for there were none worthy of rapture, that were were only saved because of our actions at the right moments during the end that demonstrated our value. I asked if there were other tables with other people to meet and was informed there were none, that everyone else was sent to be damned. I asked about Erika, and stated she is the woman I love and could not bare to be without her, nor could accept her as damned. She too was damned. At this I felt depressed and upset. The person I love in hell? Surely I will save her and bring her here to be with me, or stay with her in hell. So I demanded to see her. Again the room becomes a blinding white and I go to another place.

Here I am again, inside the school, but on a staircase looking down from a small opening into the gymnasium entrance. Guards of reapers stand firm. The cursed are all inside, dressed right dressed in the formal military style of 40 inches around. The sounds of pain and anguish abound from the doors as they are opened and the demon I saw earlier appears. He speaks to me demanding to know my reason for returning. I bark my order for the release of Erika, the damned. The creature happily releases the female after I acknowledge my love for her and that I accept her, flaws and her damnation. I grab her, and the room again turns white.

Back at the dining room I stand, with Erika by my side. She smiles, gives me a kiss and leaves me for the man on the far side of the table named Lucas. I do not know this person but feel betrayed and that my efforts were for a woman who does not share the love I feel for her. The voice again appears telling me that she was released because she was damned by her own choosing. That when the demons were starting the reclamation, she chose to seek out a powerful dead ruler and become his, which was why she could leave hell at will. She is an opportunist and is freed to roam because of my pity and love for her, despite her evil and calculating methods. Such is the reason why those that are evil are allowed to roam the earth today, because the unseen voice loves them as they  are and takes pity on all it’s creatures.

At that moment, the voice told me that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was never about good nor evil, but about emotions. The forbidden fruit was love, being reserved for only the creator and that love breeds jealousy, resentment, hatred, obsession, and all the evils of the world. The woman ate of this fruit and received the bulk of the emotional baggage and thus, is an emotional creature. The male, ate next and received less of the emotions and tends toward rationality and logic. Then the voice instructed me that if I wanted to return the state of man to the garden and undue the sufferings of these end times, that I must return the fruit and its’ gift to the rightful place. Mankind was never meant to have these feelings, and that is our downfall. That the people in hell right now go there willingly and happily not because they are not forgiven but because they do not forgive others and thus are unworthy to receive the salvation of those that forgave them. Thus, they are stuck.. refusing the leave their personal torment because they refuse to forget a transgression and forgive it.

The damned are freely damned and may leave at any time.

Then I woke from my dream. I see elements of some movies and some books. But truly this was a weird dream worthy of recording.


Written by Josecito

February 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm

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