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Last Post of January

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So I write this blog to recap the event of the last week, as a means of preserving my writings for posterity, and to entertain you my dearest readers. This week has been an eventful series of not so unfortunate events, the likes of which I shall impart to you in just a few moments.  Before I begin I’d like to remind people that this is the end of the first month of a new year, and most people by now have given up on their resolutions (US Americans that is, I am not so sure about international resolutions).

If you are one of those who made resolutions this year, this is your reminder to get back to work and complete what you set out to accomplish!

So for those you of waiting and wanting to know, I’m now officially an Uncle!!! Yes it’s true… this old man is now the proud uncle of two wonderful twin nieces of his twin sister’s (ok and her husband’s) creation! Twins of twins I would take a guess is fairly lucky.. especially since their mother was born on Friday the 13th!  So yes… meet Sofia and Olivia, the newborns that my sister was blessed with this past week. These pictures were taken with my phone and there are piles more, but I’d rather keep the clearer ones hidden, for their safety (you never know what types of crazy child abductors exist).


What else can I tell you? Oh right… the book of the month… has been completed! One down, eleven to go! The book from January was : Candide by Voltaire and was awesome. Basically the moral/main point of the story is this:  It is better to keep your mind occupied in your own affairs then to spend too much time thinking about life or philosophy.  The main phrase they use is : Cultivate one’s garden, which means engage in useful tasks that provide a certain benefit, rather then sit around all day pondering crap. It was a good lesson for people who would rather contemplate their place in life instead of improving it. The book (play) for February? Faust –  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Granted this next month is really short, and this work is a lot longer than Candide, perhaps I should have reverse this.. oh well.

Next up. I got a haircut. A fairly conservative style but modeled on one of my fav styles of late from the movie : Starship Troopers.  The Captain Rico haircut looks good on me and it is meant to coincide with my personal image improvement for 2012. I like it and given that we are pretty close on height and body proportions (once I get into ideal weight range), I will be beefcake!

Other things that are going on: my tattoo is healing really nicely and has nearly no loss in color, this month has been nice and warm and because of that I have been able to try out some winter outdoor tanning (ok 30 degrees is not warm, but it is suitable for winter tanning if there is no wind). Free Vitamin D and a healthy dose of optimism (along with hormone level repair) has me happy as a flea on a collarless puppy! The diet is continuing as planned although I am now on the steady slow weight loss track (thus I can’t boast anymore about losing another 10lbs or so.. its 1-4lbs /week, which still kicks butt).

I’m still pushing the other goals in my life, but really most are dependent on other things happening. So little by little it’ll all be done!


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January 28, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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