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So far life has been progressing normally. My sister still has not given birth and word is that if she does not give birth this week, that the doctor will induce the pregnancy with some type of chemical. So before any of you ask me if I am going to be a godfather the answer is no. My sister discussed it with her husband and they want to have their godparents as practicing Catholics. Which makes sense when the whole job is the take responsibility of the younglings and ensure that they receive a good catholic upbringing. Myself.. I am not a Catholic though I was raised one. I follow my own private faith and apparently that is too much for a non Catholic to take or accept. Interesting right? I mean there is always the honor code of making a promise (becoming Godfather) and keeping it (raising the kids to the best wishes of their parents regardless of personal preference).

I guess the world no longer takes people at their word, nor holds the idea of an oath seriously.

Other than that I am continuing to lose weight via my diet and have introduced another segment to it (because I first had to acclimate to the low carb part of Paleo). What I have incorporated is IF, or Intermittent Fasting. Basically in ancestral times people would have to hunt their food. Since hunting is not a 100% accurate science there is a frequent occurrence of days when you return to your camp without and food. IF is the modern way of reminding the body to activate the genes that enhance and regulate your body during those foodless days. The theory is that over a million or two million years, we may not have eaten quite as often as three times a day. It is more likely that we ate once, every other day or ate two days and then nothing the next.. maybe even once a week depending on the season and how the hunting methods and game were caught. By doing this the body activates some genes while deactivating others. One of which is supposed to spare muscle loss and increase HGH.

Next in line: Well I got a tattoo. Yes. In line with my new year and new method of thinking and living I got myself an inkspot. Nothing too large or obscene but just enough to remind myself of what it is that I hold dear and how I view the world. A picture is below:

P01-17-12_14.43 P01-11-12_18.43

Notice that the sketch and the actual tattoo are slightly different.. the sketch was my first concept of what I wanted, after a short discussion with the tattooist, I chose a modified design. I love it and think it rocks, especially since getting a tattoo was one of the last things I was even considering in my life. I rock.

Next in line? I am improving my cooking skills a lot.. this week I made a really delicious eggplant parmesean, Paleo style. It took me several hours of processing the eggplant to minimize bite (bittnerness), to cook a special meaty tomato sauce and to ensure that there was low carb choice (but all natural) choices in it. It cost a bit more but it is real food and worth the price! Take a look:

P01-14-12_21.11 P01-14-12_18.37

Notice that this was all done simply because I needed to adapt my eating to fit the new lifestyle. I’ve been very happy in trying these new methods and have an excellent time showing off my new culinary skills! Maybe I should have been a chef instead of a computer whiz or economist. Oh well.. I’m sure I’ll combine all my skills pretty soon into one hell of a money maker!

Lastly.. I spent some time at the store while working on another project.. while there I found an item that I needed to complete a prior project that I was talking about with my aunt. So I bought it and installed it for her as a surprise..



Yes… that is an original Atari 2600 (actually that was my old Atari) connected to a flat screen large TV. The item needed you ask?? One of those old fashioned CABLE/TV tuner switches that people needed back in the 1980’s to connect their TV’s to their Atari’s when they bought CABLE TV. Amazing that I could find one and source it so fast! We played some games already and she was smiling like the sun just shone (yes I know that phrase makes no sense, deal with it)!


That’s it for now…  Be reckless this week…have an adventure and live life…that is what it is there for!


Written by Josecito

January 21, 2012 at 11:01 pm

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