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So far so good with the resolutions that I’ve made for this year. Before I get into some of the actions that I have taken toward completing my goals, let me share with you some other news from this way:

My twin sister is damn near ready to burst. I imagine she only has another few weeks at most before she pops out her twins. Yes, if you haven’t known by now, she is having twin girls and she being a twin (with me), makes this a neat idea. My money was on her giving birth yesterday (cause it would fit as Friday the 13th, just like our birthday) but no dice. Oh well, at long as the offspring are happy, healthy and well mannered it matters not.

My cat midnight has taken to sleeping closer and closer to me this winter. I am not sure if it is the cold weather or if he is just getting used to the idea of sleeping in a group, but I think it is cute. He has started to sleep at my side, with his body literally hugging mine for warmth. Many a night has found me awake, staring at him snuggling on my arm and ZZZZZZ’ing away in a half purr, half snore. The old adage: “You don’t pick your pets, they pick you.” has never been truer.


Back to the resolutions and the steps taken:

1. I have been full on my diet change and have dropped about 4 lbs this past week. I am sure that at least 3 of them are water weight but I am not concerned as this is the transition period and the initial loss is nice. It’s been hard to calculate the needed carbs and ideal body weight/measurements, especially when you compare them to what you look like today (unless you meet your body ends up being a shocker). All in all, I’m happy, eating real food that nature intended for humanity and not listening to conventional ‘low fat, no meat, all grains’ hogwash. Want to lose weight and feel better? Go Primal/Paleo.


2. I’ll admit this is one of the hardest resolutions I’ve made. I am a cynic down deep and hoping for the best and keeping my mind positive is a hard thing to do when you live in a city with more murders than days in a year. I’ll put it to you this way: I’m positive and optimistic about my own life and those I care about. Everyone else is of no concern to me until they matter. Therefore I am optimistic about my personal life. Sort of like being in a life raft while watching a boat sink, you’re a little sad about the situation but happy you’re not doomed. Hey, it’s a start.


3.  This one I’ve already started sourcing: I’ve fixed the door handles (interior and exterior) so that now all are repaired and working. I’ve replaced a window crank in the rear and am going to buy another one for the front when I have more money. It was difficult to source the parts since the car is old (going on 20 yrs). Next stop: Roof fabric and brake relays.


4. So far the only thing I could do was check the list of courses I need to graduate. Until I can source funding, this is a no – go. Money is a requirement first.


5. Again, body image (ie birthmark removal) just like the education above is a hard to attain goal without funding. Still I am looking at having a slight change in hairstyle. I’ve also started thinking about a change in wardrobe and in grooming to enhance my physical appearance. Suave, sexy, and sophisticated … that’s me.


6. Naturally I am still writing, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading. The book is another story entirely as I was discussing this with a few people and need to do more research. Perhaps some source material is needed for inspiration.


7. I have found a neat list of books that my mother originally was purchasing to make a small library. She ended up with about 15 books and I will choose from them my 12 volumes of personal enhancement. No cost, all are great books. For those of you who want to know what the list looks like I have included a link here.


8. Again, no dice without cash. This will have to wait.


9. I have picked a short list of places that I want to visit, but will have to wait until cash is available.


10. I have a partial list of my long term goals completed. I will not be posting them online as they are my personal goals and I want my long term hopes and dreams kept, personal. No offense intended, but I am one of the few people who still believe that at least some things, should be kept private and personal.


That’s all for now dear readers.


Written by Josecito

January 14, 2012 at 7:50 pm

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