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2012 Resolutions

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With the New Year well underway and the post holiday tranquility setting in I have decided that now would be a great time to use my blog as a way to record my yearly resolution list. I realize that resolutions are  made by many people including myself  and frequently get broken (it seems like a universal tradition among celebrators), but without the resolution you are much more likely to never meet or even realize you have a goal. With that in mind, I have chosen a different path from 2011, which had a resolution of living in the moment and minimizing the complexity of my life and activities. This year will be much different as I have written down a list of concrete goals with the means to measure their success or failure. As we all know, many people set goals that are a little too lofty or ambitious and end up falling short. I am no different with the one exception in belief: “ Even if you set a high goal and fall short, you’d be amazed at how much you accomplished”.


In this list I have created three things: My goal, the ideal for completion, and lastly a bare minimum needed to consider my resolution as having a positive impact on my life. Knowing that many people break resolutions due to difficulty I have added that second measurement to remind myself that the effort was not a total loss.

My Resolutions for 2012


1. To be closer to my ideal body weight in July, at my ideal weight by the end of the year.

Method: To follow the Paleo Diet/Low Carb

Success: I will consider the goal a success if I lose 28lbs. This is 1lb a week on average.

2. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

Method: I will make a notable effort at looking at the positive side of things and quelling negativity and sarcasm.

Success: The goal will be considered a success at the end of the year by reviewing the number of arguments, blog posts, and thoughts I’ve had on negativity/pessimism.

3. Rejuvenate the Geo.

Method: Fix the windshield, the roof interior, the body, paintjob, and radio/speakers.

Success: If I manage to complete 50% of the repairs by the end of the year it will be deemed complete.

4. Returning to College.

Method: I must repay monies owed to my college and save enough to take at least one course, plus books.

Success: I will consider the goal completed if I manage to at least pay down the past due balance.

5. Body Image improvement.

Method: To remove the birthmarks on my body that I dislike.

Success: If at least one facial birthmark is removed.

6. Writing.

Method: To write a once weekly blog post, and to publish one more book.

Success: If both the blog and the publication is completed.

7. Literacy

Method: To read one book per month, fiction

Success: If I complete at least 6 books I will consider this completed.

8. Repayment

Method: To begin repayment of my debts, until they are discharged.

Success: I will consider this completed if I can repay anywhere from 1-10% of my total debt.

9. Travels

Method: I will take a vacation to at least one destination of interest, preferably overseas.

Success: If at least one mini vacation is taken, lasting two days.

10. Long Term Goals

Method: I will write down a viable plan of long term goals and the means of achieving them.

Success: 100% of list must be created by the end of February.


This is not an very complex list, nor is it the only goals that I may want to complete or attempt. What this is primarily is a springboard for attaining more and completing more in my life.


I recommend that you dear reader, also write down and attempt your own resolutions. Only when you know what you want to do can you do them.


Tips for Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution Experiment


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January 7, 2012 at 10:10 pm

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