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Busy Day, two states, two cities, and fourteen hours.

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Well I drove all day today because of busy traffic from the holiday rush. Thankfully the people driving this year were more than willing to go the speed limit and drive carefully. There were many days over the years where I could swear people were trying to be suicidal or homicidal with their methods of driving. This year was different. People followed the rules, saved on gas, and were civil to each other. Heck I could even say this: driving in New York City (even Manhattan) was probably safer than driving in Philadelphia. Think about that: a city that is an order of magnitude larger than my current residence has better drivers in smaller areas. Kudos to the city of my birth for keeping things safe this year and for creating such a nice atmosphere of acceptance and togetherness. They’ve really unified since 9/11 and you can feel it in the attitude of everyone who lives there.

They feel like they actually care about the world they live in and the people they talk to, even strangers. It reminds me of Ghostbusters, when Winston says : “I love this town!”


So the pick up of my cousin went flawlessly, we got her to the apartment, chatted for a while, walked around and explained how to use the trains here and some of the local things. We ate Popeye’s chicken and biscuits (thank you mi primita) then wished them well. Drove home and along the way we stopped for a gas refill in New Jersey and drank some Dunkin’ Donuts (thank you sister!)


All in all it was a good day that I spent with my dad. Disappointingly it started with a bad asthma attack requiring me to use the inhaler multiple times.

And I’m not feeling too well, a low fever is setting in my body and my throat is starting to hurt.


Written by Josecito

December 29, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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