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Booster Seat Bullshit

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I am really annoyed at the poor research and bad recommendations that the government puts out on a continual basis. Many of their recommendations have no truth to them and are only sold to the public because corporate lobbyists are funneling shitloads of cash into the pockets of bribed and corrupt public officials.

The latest is the idea of a Booster seat. In the past children were usually placed in the back seat on a parents lap or next to them and their safety belt was worn. Most of the time parents drove slower as a precaution against accidents.

Then the baby seats came out. Then the so called toddler seats.


Now the newest piece of garbage sold to the public is the booster seat. This junky piece of plastic is supposed to ‘protect’ your precious cargo while going from place to place. It amazes me at how stupid the public is and why they bother listening to the government at all. Seriously, does anyone consider that many grown adults are not 4’ 9’’ tall? Are they required to wear a booster seat or be strapped in like some infant?? We’ve had cars for about 100 years. Baby seats have only come out in the last 30-40 and now…the big kid seats are out over the last 10 years (my theory is that with less people having kids, there are less car seats to sell, and they have to make up a reason to buy them).





This is one of those ‘charts’ that they create to scare mother’s into overprotecting their child with useless equipment, the truth is this: if they lowered the speed limits many of these deaths and accidents would disappear, and at a fraction of the cost of all these child seats (which end up in the garbage).




I’m calling them out. I call BULLSHIT on all of this fake safety promotion. In fact I’ll go right now and find a non corporate sponsored study to support my idea. as well as a few other items that you can all look at.

Like this porn star: Lupe Fuentes. She is a Colombian who is 4’ 9’’ tall. According to the government, she just meet the requirements to not need a child seat. I imagine if she slouched at the DMV, that she’d be listed as 4’ 8’’ tall and then, the government safety board might tell her she needs a child seat.

Would any of you really believe this beautiful woman or any person of her stature need to be placed into a booster seat for safety?? These safety boards need to be thrown in jail for the fraud they perpetrate under the guise of ‘safety’.


Seriously, they want human beings close to her size, to wear children safety seats.

If you want more information about the reality of baby seats and the waste of money they really are, check out this statistical review by an economist. He even provides strong evidence about how the booster seats are actually worse than just using a seat belt! Best of all, his information is supported by Consumer Reports!!!

Child Safety Seats, not safe!


TED Video about Child Car Seats


Written by Josecito

December 27, 2011 at 6:20 pm

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  1. What’s next? Helmets? The main danger is driving and the fact that people drive everywhere all the time with their kids in the back being toted around (which is also why everyone is fat). Tackle the danger at its source I say. People need to live with less cars in their lives.


    July 17, 2012 at 8:59 am

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