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Well this weekend was pretty nice. I had a sweet chance to spend time with my family and see my twin sister, who is now a giant globe sized version of her former self. If any of you do not know the reason why, I’ll share it with you: she’s pregnant with twin girls!  We drove down to see her this year and she cooked dinner (well maybe her husband did most of the cooking, after all, she really had some trouble moving around).

This year it was one of the calmest holiday dinners we had in quite a long time. I enjoyed seeing her and her husband again and wish them the best this coming year, especially with two children on the way. They are not going to have much time for anything else.

So I guess I have to start thinking about myself in terms of an uncle and not as a brother. Neat.

Since things usually come in three’s my next guess is that my other sister who is now in a really good relationship will probably be planning to get married and have kids.


Time for me to make some new resolutions.


Written by Josecito

December 26, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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