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Orbitz and Double Checking

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Let it be know here that I implore all of you to follow this very prudent advice. Failure to do so may at least cost you money and at worst, leave you stranded without a means of travel.

Today I spent a good portion of time on the phone with my cousin from overseas and with an Orbitz travel agent. Apparently after weeks of searching for the best deal for her vacation, she found a reasonable priced ticket, reserved it and paid it.. then sent me the results. All in all good news until my mother pointed out that the information seemed to be a little tardy. Apparently she got the correct number date, but in her continuous search and exhaustion she botched up big time on the actual month and year! She was scheduled for her next flight at the correct airport, to the correct destination, on the correct # date, but on the wrong month (a month later)! This would have left her standing there without a means to return, nor to continue on, during one of the busiest holidays of the year. How crappy would that have been? On top of that, the airline that did business with Orbitz (I give kudos to this company, their staff were helpful and very patient as I managed a conference call between two nations and many time zones) only had a penalty free cancellation policy for four hours!

So imagine my dear cousin, happy about completing the tickets and sending me this information. Then she leaves the house thinking that everything is great. We try to contact her but she is busy preparing the other things in her life in anticipation of her journey. When she finally gets the message, the time period of change and cancel the ticket has expired and she lost the value in real cash. Now she has to buy another set of tickets and pay about $500 more than previously. How horrible is that? Doubly worse is that she has used the company many times without making such a simple and easily reviewed / corrected problem. Only one person caught the issue and if it wasn’t caught, would have placed her in a terrible situation.


The lesson to learn is this: always triple check your purchases before you pay for them, never buy anything if you are a little tired or exhausted. And always know how much time you have to change anything without losing money!  Welcome to the modern age of inconvenience and hassles during the holiday season.


Written by Josecito

December 21, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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