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Today marks 4 days since I have started my change in diet back towards the Paleo Diet. I chose not to really tell anyone until today (minus immediate family). It has been fairly tough in the first two days (sugar withdrawl sucks), but all in all I call this a good success. I do not feel hungry. I have an easier time falling asleep. To top it all off, I have lost an initial 6lbs (probably 8 by tomorrow). I’ve mentioned this diet before (I think) and how I’ve tried to adopt it. It is pretty tough to transition but once on it, it is satisfying to see the weight melt off and feel no cravings.

The Paleo Diet : essentially you eat only foods that would have been around before the agricultural age (in other words eat Paleolithic foods and avoid most Neolithic Foods).  The idea stems from evolution: humanity and the human genes have been evolving for millions of years. It was only about 10,000 years ago that we developed cities and farming, thus most of our genetics is based on a hunter – gatherer lifestyle. Thus for more than 99% of the whole of human history we have eaten and adapted to a certain lifestyle that we are not doing today (we do not eat mainly meats (with fat) vegetables, nuts, and fruits). This is the reason why people today get fat: bad food that we are not genetically adapted for eating. There was no corn syrup before the modern age. Corn? Maybe 10,000 years ago, and certainly not in everything we eat.

So the premise is that humans have existed in a low carbohydrate world for most of its’ existence. Thus modern man should reproduce the food choices as optimally as possible.

The saying is that 80% of how your body looks is the result of what foods you put into it.


Written by Josecito

December 16, 2011 at 10:02 pm

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