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I know this link is a little old, but I was searching the news feeds for things that seemed interesting and this popped up. After I read it I thought it was too good to ignore, and worth sharing for any of you who have not seen it. Mind you being a large (fat) man myself, I accept my obesity and make fun of it because the stereotypes are somewhat true. I know I eat too much, I know I tend to get lazier and not want to do active things (mainly because my friends are getting fatter and lazier and thus, I have no one to go with me). This article rang true. And really if I am a fat fuck, I’m going to accept it and do something about it! After all the majority of people do not have a medical problem causing their obesity, they have a food choice problem (myself included)


Apparently fat is contagious..

Study says Obesity can be Contagious





Written by Josecito

December 14, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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