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Efficient Body, the paradox of exercise

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I was thinking (something I find harder to do while living in America) about exercise and people who workout regularly. There is a tendency for a person to start a workout program, and if they maintain the workout past the initial stage (that stage is the time when most people give up) they will usually end up on an upward curve of athleticism. In other words: If you start exercising and continue to exercise instead of quitting, you will workout more and more. Think about that for a moment and ask yourself why that occurs. Certainly you might state that people who exercise gain endorphin’s and become addicted to physical activity (something I knew a long time ago and can attest to its’ power).  You can even state that as you exercise you build up discipline and become more involved/active in the type of exercise you do. Both of these things are partially correct, but there is one thing that many people do not consider when they workout (women especially) and it can lead to future problems of the hamster wheel.

Hamster wheel?” ; you say to yourself with a puzzled look on your face. Yes I said that and mean it. If you have ever looked at a hamster in a cage with an exercise wheel while running you can almost immediately understand what I am referencing. A hamster will run in its’ cage if it has a wheel. Over time, the hamster and the hamster body gets better at running on the wheel. The hamster becomes more efficient at running and can run faster/longer on the wheel yet still burn the same amount of calories as before the start of the hamster exercise plan. Take the hamster out of the cage and hold him/her. You will notice that the hamster, even with hours of running on that wheel each day is FAT and BLUBBERY!

Ask yourself why a hamster is fat. They eat continuously and they exercise aerobically constantly. Their muscles get more efficient at using energy and thus use less energy to do the same exercises.  Thus over time, the hamster can eat the same amount of food, use less calories, and get fat!

That is the paradox of the modern exercise program. We focus on aerobics like running, walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling. Those things make our bodies operate cleaner and smoother. They are like automobile tune ups. (they change the oil, the air filter, they clean the exhaust system).  When you tune up your car your car burns less gas than before (because it is optimized for peak performance).. thus you can go farther on less fuel. What this type of exercise does not do is make your engine bigger (so that you can burn the same amount of gas, but speed faster, more powerful torque). Most people will do the aerobic exercises, they have great engines… but small engines that are like a tiny motorcycle.

What people need to do is make their engines bigger and faster..

The paradox of exercise.. the next time you look at a marathon runner… notice their muscles are really small… they have great performance but if they stop..they will be fat really quickly.


Written by Josecito

December 12, 2011 at 8:50 pm

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