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Christmas List

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This year my family is doing a Pollyanna. For those of you who do not know what a Pollyanna is I’ll give you a short explanation. We picked names out of a hat and we become the secret present purchaser for that one person. On Christmas we get our gifts and are surprised as to who was our shopper. We make our lists public so that everyone in the group knows the choices of what we’d like and we set a maximum spending limit. All in all it works pretty well.

It is a good system and keeps spending down during the holidays, which keeps everyone focused on the important things.


So this is my list:

Gift Card to Lowes or Home Depot (there are a lot of things to repair around the house.)

Cash (there are a few car parts that I need to buy to fix the Geo, and to list the actual car parts here that I’d need would take days (door handles, brake light relay switch, roofing upholstery, etc.)

Liposuction (lol just kidding… someone has to have the jelly belly.)

Diapers and other assorted baby items (cause I know Binky and John are going to need stuff way more than myself. This is a serious request.)

Shoes (if you get me and have a way to get some nice brown loafers at a really cheap price go for it because my Sperry Topsiders just broke)

A nice bottle of Scotch, Brandy or Whiskey (it is winter and goes well with a nice fire)

Firewood (for that fire pit we have outside that we don’t use.)

Or (again this is serious), donate the funds to a charity that provides meals for the poor this Christmas.


Written by Josecito

November 29, 2011 at 11:35 pm

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