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Well not that odd, I have been reading some news articles on medicine and it turns out that exercise really does not help a person lose weight. It mostly has to do with insulin levels and hormone responses to the things we eat. That would explain why some people eat very little and get fat while others eat a ton and seem to melt fat away.

Before I begin, I am not a doctor, this is not advice, take this at your own risk.. I will not be held responsible for any actions you may or may not take from what I write. You are a human being with free will and will be responsible for your own mistakes and poor judgment.

Really it is all about the level of carbohydrates in our bodies. Throughout evolution sugars and starches were in short supply and our bodies treated them as candies and extra special treats that should be stored as fat immediately. So the insulin comes out and grabs the sugar (originally only from fruits and a little honey).. and stores is in our fat cells. It did this because we rarely got sugars in high quantities and the chances of getting sugars in the next day or so was very small. Thus we stored it as fat for a day when we ran out of food (like a chipmunk with food in its’ cheeks).

So translate that into today’s world. We have lots of sugar, lots of carbohydrates, and a never ending supply to grains, starches and larger portions of this food.

Our bodies have not changed, so they take the sugars, and store it as fat by using insulin.

Over time the insulin levels cause us to store more sugar as fat, and the fat tells us we need more food (because we need more calories to maintain the fat) and so we eat more food (sugar), and thus continue to raise insulin.

After a while we reach a point when the insulin gets too high and no matter what we eat or do not eat… there is insulin preventing us from using the fat in our cells… but the insulin is telling us we are starving. The insulin is also taking large amounts of sugar out of out blood and making us hypoglycemic.

Eventually we can either stop eating the sugars and let the insulin return to normal (which would allow us to lose weight), or we will continue on this cycle and develop diabetes (literally our bodies can not produce insulin… the thing that made us fat).


So the solution: Eliminate the majority of carbohydrates from your food… replace it with natural fats and proteins… many vegetables (not starchy ones). This was the diet that our genetics is optimized to consume.

When we eat like a cow (grains) our bodies become like a cow… when we eat like hunters our bodies become like hunters…

 12163556020H2U15 images

Really…they eat almost the same food.

running-hunters1 1197396927ynt8J0

and above we have two pictures of hunters in the wild.


You are what you eat!


Written by Josecito

November 15, 2011 at 6:58 am

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