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PolyPaintPaper and PaintPolyPaper Impact Test

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This is the fourth and final test in the series.

I am simulating an impact on the boat samples using a brick dropped at meter height.

This should give a rough indication of how safe this material will be while in the water in the event that it impacts underwater stones, comes aground, or is tossed and thrown into something from the waves/current.

The result was positive: Even with a fairly hard smash upon a brick sized rock at 9.8m/s (22mph since it fell one meter only), the boat will continue to float for at least 30 minutes and most likely more time if bailing is used to keep dumping the water! Since this boat and most smaller paper boats are going to be used on rivers or small lakes near a shoreline this should pose very little risk. More than likely a boat impact will leave the boat strong enough to reach shore with occupants.

Oddly enough I could surmise that a paper mache boat might actually be safer in calm ocean water than in the rivers and lakes because the main risk to paper mache is minimized : sharp objects, river bottoms, rocks, etc. On average you stand less chance at hitting a rock in the open ocean than you do in the Delaware River, which means that if the waters were calm on both the river and ocean, you’d be better off in the ocean!


polypapermache 001 polypapermache 018 polypapermache 017


Written by Josecito

November 14, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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