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Cold Weather a’Coming

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Today is Friday and tomorrow the weather channel has told me is going to be a really really cold day with a great chance for snow by the late/night time here in Philadelphia. Since this isn’t even November yet, I can already tell that my previous posts (written within the last three months) have predictions that are coming true: this winter is very likely to be brutally cold (I noticed this when the birds were flying south for winter in August and September… which normally happens around this time)!

Still all things being considered a little snowfall would not be a bad thing, it will at least cover the garbage in the streets and for a short time make everything look cleaner and a little warmer (snow helps insulate the houses). This will at least give me some extra comfort in my ability to wear sweaters and hide my fat body, lol. Many a fat person in this season will tell you how much they love the fall, when the leaves change color and the cold air enters the city, this is all a psychological ploy to hide how they really feel. They are fat, and fat people sweat more and have poor body image. Because of that, the winter provides a short reprieve for the obese by hiding the fat under larger clothing like jackets, sweaters and pants. In the summer a fat person (myself included) will sweat and hate the warm climate because they see everyone who is not fat having a great time being naked (fat people do not normally feel good about being naked).  z

We must face facts: this is fat people weather. Since I have been at times both fat and in great physical shape I can attest that being overweight is not fun, and that I really prefer to be thin and with a good body. Naked and warm is the natural human condition that we all aspire towards:  it was with us since we left Africa millions of years ago.

So keep that in mind the next time you wonder why Americans love Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.. We are fat.. and we would rather hide our fat with clothing because it is easier than exercising and eating less!

Lastly.. I will leave you with a few photos of last year’s snowfall. This is my 245th blog post, and I am quite proud of that accomplishment. I vowed to write a blog for each weekday (Monday to Friday) and I have kept up with that goal. Are all my posts great? No. The important reason why I write is to maintain my ability to think clearly and to form functional written works. America and soon the world will face declining educational standards from internet based and cell phone based communications, those who continue to know the old art of literacy will have an edge over those who only know the abbreviations and short forms (lol, lmao, jk, idk, omg, u r nuts, etc).

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween if you don’t see me in person.


Written by Josecito

October 28, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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