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Cheesecake Bite Sized

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Today I almost died a little inside.

One of my favorite desserts, the cheesecake was in bite sized little pieces.

We had this dessert tray, they were leftovers from my twin sister’s baby shower and they were in my freezer temping me to eat one.

Badddddd Mojo….

When someone offers you a piece of cheesecake (and they say it is only 80 calories ) you would think of a piece like this:





This is a standard sized portion of cheesecake and you will normally get this in any restaurant you visit here in the USA. However this is not an official “80 calorie” piece of cheesecake, this is about 4 servings: 320 calories.





After hearing about this, I looked up and saw that an actual piece of cheesecake that is 80 calories looks like this:




Mind you ONE of these little round things is ONE SERVING of Cheesecake!  It killed me to think about all those little delicious goodies and how many calories are in that. It is no surprise that the coffee has no milk and no sugar!





And that is one of the reasons why Americans are very overweight! We do not know what a serving size is, nor do we care about it!

One piece of cheesecake is 320 calories. Let us say you eat only ten of these (the first cake) a year… that is 1 lb of fat that you gained. Do this for ten years and you’re 10lbs fatter!


Written by Josecito

October 26, 2011 at 9:01 am

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