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Dictators and the So Called Peace Prize

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Gaddafi has been shot by the rebels. Another person dead at the encouragement of a boy long bereft of the authority to run a lemonade stand yet he sits there pretending to run a country that is falling down into the canyon of doom. Ever since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize under the suspicious idea that “he is getting it not for what he has done but for what he will do” I knew that another institution was relegated to being a dog and pony show: a farce. If this prize was given as such, and the people did it without manipulation, then there must be a lottery somewhere that I can win thinking: “it isn’t the ticket that he bought, but the one that he is about to buy”.

Bread and Circus’

So it is with today’s message about another political leader murdered.

When you think about it, nearly all of Obama’s promises concerning peace have been broken, showing him to be nothing more than a puppet of the banking and resource war interests. The change he was referring to was the pocket change his administration would leave you with after they continue the destruction of the nation which has been underway since the 1960’s. Naturally this will lead to the push for socialism… the naturally bad path that we have been inching closer to since the Johnson “Great Society” initiative and Roosevelt’s Social programs.

Lastly, the news just announced the next lame brained idea which the morons would push for: “Buy a House, Get a Visa”. Yes you read that right, the USA is literally selling itself to pay the debt that it owes, but it still is not cutting expenses nor fixing anything. When your nation opens up itself to a wholesale buying spree that will render it loaded and overpopulated. China and the Arabian Oil nations, being the largest creditors to the USA, will buy up those houses that have the largest tracts of land in order to export our food directly to their nations, leaving us even poorer. No nation, nor people will be willing to come here except with the idea of exploiting us and our new found poverty. 

Welcome to the collapse… you have less than 2 years to get out.


Written by Josecito

October 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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