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Too many people today spend 90% of their lives in an undecided state. They do not make a firm choice in the things they want or in what they want to do during their short lives here. This goes doubly true for men. How many times have you seen a man, weak willed and ill-bred sit there and wonder about whether or not he will ask a girl out (out of fear he will be rejected or seem pushy)? Certainly he may be the most romantic or idealizing man on the planet, but without the balls to do what he wants or at the very least to try to obtain what he wants, he will amount to nothing more than a friend.

When it comes to masculine heroes of the modern age, the 21st century male is left with very little forms of true masculine leadership and power. We have lost true Conan (the Barbarian) and have been given a lesser substitute of Green Lantern/Spiderman homoerotic display. Certainly they appear to get the girl in the end, but really, the only way they manage to win is by outside forces… magic. In the real world, the men(boys really) who play these characters would be sterile, feminine wimps who would follow a girl into a clothing store and hold their purse like a weak little obedient puppy. In the end, women leave these men because they are servile, they exist to give only flattery and placate their pedestal placed females. In the end women hate these men for not standing up for themselves and fighting back against the destruction of masculinity.

Women want men who are men, they may push for tolerance and understanding but this is a lie. A woman wants a man who makes decisions and is not afraid to be a man’s man. Screw tolerance, to hell with acceptance and asking others for their input or consideration, that is not what makes a man. “We should have a nice long discussion about our feelings” should never be uttered from a man’s mouth.

A man makes a plan and executes it. If it fails or if it succeeds is not the important part.

The execution of an action is what makes men, men.

purse5  This is not a man. This is a disgrace and should have been removed from disgrace.

Conan-the-barbarian-Arnold This is, his notable quote in the movie: “He shall be a king by his own hand”


jordans_new_man_the_drag_queen  This is what the modern world calls a role model for today’s sensitive man.

william_conqueror This is my great great ancestor, a real role model for emulation, his name: William the Conqueror, a real man.


Written by Josecito

October 18, 2011 at 8:08 pm

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