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Something that I do that I feel should be a future trend is creating what I call a ‘Luck Box’.

It is essentially a place to store any found monies or lucky objects, the idea is by saving these lucky objects you would attract more luck and thus have a better life.

dog 002 I would recommend that if you want children to pick up this custom, to do it while they are young. Many parents have encouraged their young ones to save money via piggy banks or containers. I disagree with this idea as it encourages the kids to save but only for the purpose of spending it later. Sure it encourages the concepts of discipline and delayed gratification, but it rarely ever helps the kid deal with ‘found money’. These can be coins found on the streets, extra money from birthday gifts, or any assortment of unplanned cash that comes their way. That money is lucky because (well if one believes in luck) it was a random occurrence and will not repeat (such as an inheritance or lottery winning). By storing and saving luck money and objects, the habit is created of not splurging through newly discovered cash. Later on, tax refunds that come in would also be considered lucky (since really, we should be paying taxes with the idea that the money isn’t coming back.)

dog 001 So yeah, a luck box to help pull more luck towards you. I’ve kept one for years and many people say that despite the crap that happens in my life that I am one of the luckiest people they know because of the uncanny nature of things that seem to fall into my lap and life that are beneficial to me. I attribute it to my luck box and the mentality that one does not squander their small bits of acquired luck.. they can accumulate them and mentally (via symbolically storing the lucky object) reserve them for some bigger luckier occurrence or fortune. My dog doesn’t seem to care and either way she’d be happier with my pajamas as blankets.

So give it a try. Start your own luck box and see how you feel when you put a coin you discovered while walking into it! For me it beats the rainy day fund, the piggy bank, and the retirement/holiday funds! It’s like storing karma, but for luck.


Written by Josecito

October 11, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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