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I have just checked out the Science Channel’s latest historical reenactment called, well the title of this blog says it. I can tell you that I really enjoyed the show, which says a lot about the quality of the production and realism that went into its’ making. Normally I detest reality tv, but this one comes off as a genuine social experiment with the goal in mind of trying to determine the difficulty of stone age life with that of modern living. Kudos to the creators and the team that worked on this show, they have done a service to Grok (to quote Mark’s Daily Apple) and his kind.

Lessons learned:

Vegetarianism is a joke and was show to be that on this show. There was no real method of eating a balanced meal in the early human history without resorting to meat. Humans were evolved to eat meat. It provided the bulk of the calories and represented the reality that if humans are opportunistic and intelligent creatures, they will go for the biggest profit in terms of energy gained for energy expended and that means MEAT! In one scene there is an African (or african american or whatever) woman who sees the meat and decided that she doesn’t and will not partake in the freshly killed game. In real times, this pathetic creature would have died long ago.

Hard work and teamwork are built as necessary parts of the human experience. Without technology to separate people, they have to learn to live together again and deal with each other. There is no “me time” unless one walks off into the woodlands and sits by themselves.

The majority of the males in the group ended up displaying strong signs of dominance and cooperative efforts. This seems to indicate that men are better equipped at doing without and suffering through life than women are. It also explains why men hunted and women gathered  (on the whole average they tended towards these activities).

I disagree with their “fair play” team democracy approach. A hunter gatherer society would have deferred the decision to move based on the wisdom of the eldest and most respected hunters and gatherers. They would have dictated the movement of the camp as a matter of survival. No one would willingly allow a democracy to interfere in the survival of a group if those that provide the food have the knowledge of how to increase their odds of living. This was a classic mistake of modern man attempting to put modern institutions and customs on an incomplete past history. Especially when you combine that with people complaining about walking 3 miles with their stuff (which shows just how out of tune with their bodies they are).

The women for the most part (I saw two that actually started to put effort into their jobs) were useless eaters. One, a web jockey sat and cried about how hard and hungry she was while doing nothing to improve the groups chances at eating. Her job was simple : maintain the home camp while others were away, her job was to help keep a simple fire burning and to gather whatever plants might be edible and possible other crafts (maybe a A Frame sled might have been a useful thing to make while sitting on her ass). The fire went out, she basically sat there or slept, or complained. If this were prehistoric times, she would have been used as breeding material and beaten for not helping the group do things to improve survival. In fact, about half or more of the group did little to help out. Most of the people that appeared to be succeeding were the ones who had prior wilderness or hunting knowledge.. or at least a connection to a tribal past.


All in all I like what they have done with the show, the background on it indicates that a lot of prior training was done to learn and teach the group about the tools and weapons and skills they will need while shooting the show. Most of this knowledge is lost to 99.9% of the human race and if we were ever randomly thrown into prehistory the odds are against us surviving for very long. Simple things like stone tools, cordage making, fire making, long distance travel by foot, skinning, field dressing, hunting, etc, are lost to most of us yet were the very things that managed to keep the species alive for a million years or more and were passed down generation to generation and built up by trial and error.


Modern life has made us almost totally capable of becoming extinct. Our insulation from the past is our biggest vulnerability and any  decline of living standards or temporary shock to our modern living arrangement becomes an ordeal.


We’re the weak pussified versions of the human race. Our Paleolithic ancestors would laugh as we perish looking for an app on our  iPhones that will give us modern comfort.


Written by Josecito

October 10, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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