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Software Review: Slax Linux

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For those of you who regularly read this blog and also for anyone who happens to fall onto my blog from the internet via a search engine you will notice that from time to time I will do a review of a program or item that I have found particularly useful in my life or that might benefit me. I post these reviews and recommendations so that any of you who read this might also benefit from trying new things or looking for a solution to a problem you are facing.

And so it is with my latest review of Slax Linux:


slax Slax Linux is a very portable version of linux designed to run off of a USB, a CD or small memory card (such as from a camera or phone). Downloaded, the Operating System (OS) only takes up around 200MB of space and when the starter version is running will use about 450MB. The creators of the OS chose to keep her small so that she remains fast and portable; the idea being that computers need not be limited to one operating system and that you could just walk around with your own personalized OS that works on multiple machines (akin to Cloud Computing but instead of it being dependant on the internet, this one is a little more secure by being in your possession the entire time).

article-page-main_ehow_images_a06_rl_19_put-os-usb-flash-drive-800x800 Just imagine being on vacation and asking a friend if you can use their PC to do some work. Usually people get a little nervous that you will see their documents or change a setting and render their PC less than what it once was (especially with the chances of downloading a virus or spyware accidentally). With an OS that you can carry and boot up, you will not have to worry about ruining their documents (as the whole thing can be loaded into RAM and saved onto the small flash drive). Finally the computer will have all the programs that you are used to running and the settings for them will remain fine tuned to your preferences without the need to carry around a laptop or tablet). Essentially it makes the computer just an empty vessel of parts that can be unhinged from the programs yet not so dependant on the internet (like cloud computing) that is becomes useless when the network connection is down.

Personally I feel that systems like Slax Linux are the future of computing in a world where things are getting harder to upgrade and more expensive in general. Portable OS’s that are customized for smaller/older machines are better suited to the future of reusing old hardware and preventing data theft (especially if you encrypt the flash drive). You can see the trend towards efficient OS builds without the bloat in your modern cellular phones (think Android, which is a Linux OS customized for your cell phone). Microsoft may have built a standard for the world during their XP days, but the future of computing isn’t in bigger, bulkier and overly complex OS’s; it is in small streamlined and efficient programmers who know how to create a program that will not overuse battery power or system resources (thus making your laptop run longer and with less heat buildup).

I recommend you try Slax by downloading it from their site and running it from USB or a CD/DVD. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.



Written by Josecito

October 5, 2011 at 4:43 pm

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