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I spent the day with my father going from place to place looking for a way to register his car and insure it before he went back to New York. Regrettably we searched and our efforts bore no fruit. Apparently you must be a resident of the state of PA in order to have a car registered and insured. Now on the outside this might seem to you like a ‘duh’ moment but I urge you to look at how business and commerce unfriendly it makes the state. If you were a person living in New Jersey and wanted to open up a business in PA that required a motor vehicle you would have to live there! Or what if you were offered to buy a transport business in Philadelphia but lived in Delaware. Technically you would need a PA address and would have to change your license to PA just for the chance at making a living!

Other states do not have these requirements or at least allow people to have a license in one state while living in another (say a person who takes the train from Philly to New York so that they can drive a limo in NYC because it earns a lot more than in Philly).

Poorly written laws doth make a poor state.


Written by Josecito

October 3, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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