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It flew by quicker than I imagined

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No, not a UFO but the month of September.

I blinked sometime at the end of August and now I am looking at October coming at us faster than the speed of sound! Halloween crap is on peoples lawns for the last week, the weather is really cool and damp (excellent camping fire temperature) and the month is ending as quickly as it started.

Was there anything exciting to mention? No.

I would say this month ranks as my pick for the most pointless transition month on the calendar. We could have a nicer longer October  and August (longer official ‘summer season’ and a longer Fall season) by removing the month and allocating the days to her neighbors.

Oh well, at least next month I can look forward to the low self esteem teenage whores and their almost thirty year old whore mothers dressed in ‘slut’ or ‘sexy’ costumes. Why be a doctor or devil when you can whore it up and be a sexy doctor or naughty devil.

Nothing says tricks or treats better than a teenage girl walking around with camel toe and her shirt hiked so high as to see her rear end in leggings.


Written by Josecito

September 29, 2011 at 11:33 pm

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