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Stage 1 Hypertension

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A nice batch of good news to brighten my morning. Despite dropping fifteen pounds since my relationship ended (which of course rocks.. the weight loss, not the loss of a relationship), I have now concluded that I am at an average blood pressure that enters into the state 1 hypertension zone. Huzzah (sarcasm meter going off)! Seriously I have to only look at my diet to understand why this has occurred. I have been eating less than before and my stress level is much lower, but I have been eating more of the S.A.D. then I ought to. S.A.D. is the short term for the Standard American Diet. In a nutshell, the diet is composed mainly of high salt, processed, low fiber, high carbs and high fat mixture. So what you’d eat basically lacks vegetal matter and sends your sodium through the roof while putting you into a sugar coma that satiates by having a pile of unnatural fats (cooking oil). The result is that even though I am watching my caloric intake and avoiding overeating, the stuff that I am overeating is placing me at a higher risk for heart issues.

The only thing now that I can do is to remove the worst of the culprits and simply do without. Yes I will be much hungrier and yes I will be going into heavier withdrawal symptoms (food can drug us as bad as any individual chemical), but that is the price I must pay to keep my life and my health with me. I have no desire to be the predicted result of America’s poor nutritional planning by dying at an earlier age than my parents!

Check your blood pressure, watch what you eat even if you are losing weight, you’d be surprised at how bad most food choices are today!


Written by Josecito

September 27, 2011 at 9:02 am

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