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On the rocks..

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I sit here this Friday thinking about the things that I enjoy in my life and the high level of quality that I aspire to bring to everything that I want to do. Granted I may never reach that level of quality that I desire, but I aspire to experience this level of quality at least once or twice in my short little life (as we all have a very limited timeline). So it is with the times we have that are shared with many a good friend or acquaintance: a few cubes of ice, a little distilled spirits, and maybe a cigar or pipe to puff on while the night is young.

on-the-rocks Many memories I have of drinking with another colleague a distilled beverage served on the rocks. Maybe it is just me but I have grown accustomed to the good things that life offers (either by birthright or being raised to want that silver spoon) and I refused to enjoy those activities on a lesser level. Surely one can have a day at the ball park with a few pals while eating an overpriced hot dog and beer but what I want is the box seat and all the luxury that goes with it. I had had more than my lifetime share of sports games seen from the luxury boxes. None of these tickets I have paid for and all of them fully enjoyed and relished. It is the upper crust skin I possess that somehow blesses me with the favorable odds to enjoy the benefits of a life above the station that I am currently stuck with. Such is the life that I live and a temporary station it is for any man worth his salt shall rise above the station in which he resides and cast away the ladder he climbed to get there (so that he may not have to climb down. I have been at the top of my game many times and can feel it rising once more.

I digress as many men of old age (like myself) are apt to do. The memories that I recall: A basement with a father of one of my friends and many conversations over brandy and pipe. A late night drink in the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia with several leaders of industry while talking about being someone versus having the title. Several drinks with the father of my former fiancé and our discussions of politics, the economy, and the negotiations for her hand in marriage (which I still possess). A toast at a wedding that I was spontaneously invited to simply by walking past the building and being invited by a groomsmen I had struck up a conversation with and he summarily deemed my presence a necessity ( an excellent toast it was). A campfire in the woods, discussing at length the merits of the nomadic life with several people of high power who by all rights were willing to be out of place simply to benefit from my discourse.

Do I wax about the past because I wish to relive it? No. I ponder these things because they remind me of the good things in life that I am to cherish: time with good conversation, power meetings, life changing events, and being oneself.

We are all here to live for whatever time we are deigned, I’ll take my time…

on the rocks.


Written by Josecito

September 23, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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