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It pains me to realize that most of Philadelphia was built upon small streams and rivers that were covered over with dirt and Ash. Basically we are living in a large low lying woodland area that has been covered with bricks, concrete and asphalt. It is no wonder that the city is usually humid year round: that is what happens when the streams that helped move the moisture away are removed and the soil becomes perpetually saturated. Nearly year round and in most places around town I can talk a walk and smell the mold, the fungi breaking free from their normal Malthusian limits and growing beyond their natural environmental limits because of our own stupidity.

dirty-pool We have a lot of forest here with streams that run. That helps move the water out of the region. We have a lot of pollution in the form of candy wrappers, soda bottles, cans, cups, plates and all the trash we leave in the streets. The water collected by all these little bits of debris are probably the equivalent of another lake, or more apt: a flat tepid pond loaded with mosquito larvae. Our city still allows the average person to install a poorly built pool on their property. Mind you a pool is not a problem, the problem is the the inhabitants of the city that want the pools are the same people who litter the streets and can not raise their children nor conduct themselves in a manner befitting an adult. The result is thousands of leaky pools, lacking maintenance, leaking, and seeping water into the soils, creating more havens for vermin, disease vectors, and of course: HUMIDITY!

DSC00395-737799 We live in a tepid, parasite strew backwater that was once a nice a town. The people who knew better have left and their knowledge of a better way left with them. The remainder are the creatures happy to live in this black lagoon because they desire not to improve themselves nor have the capacity to do things in a proper manner that would benefit not only themselves but their neighborhoods as well. Imagine if we all dismantled our pools in the city and used the money we spend on water and individual maintenance towards rebuilding and expanding our city pool system. Instead of thousands of leaky plastic pools we have dozens of larger and easier to maintain permanent concrete pools to visit. We’d create jobs for teenagers, we’d have swim lessons again (like I had here as a child), and most importantly we’d have less fly blood sucking mosquitoes and a lot less humidity from water seepage and citywide pool draining (sure we’d still drain city pools, but they drain into the sewer systems, most people drain their pools on the floor in front of their house, thus leaving the water to evaporate into the air around them).


It is your call Philadelphia, an extra $10 a month for less humidity, less water waste, and a pool that you don’t have to clean, fix and maintain yourself? New York has done it for decades, why can’t we?


Written by Josecito

September 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm

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