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Boat Update

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In all the rush and whirl of the past posts and of things done, doings, and needs to be done I forgot to keep you all updated on the paper mache boat.

Well fret not and worry not, she is still being worked on. It was a harrowing bit of time looking all over the place for brushes that I swore I had available to paint. In the end nothing could be found for painting and today new brushes were acquired. The first coat of primer white is being applied (latex) to her skin and a second will be added once dry.

So all in all it is a standard waiting game, as it is raining I am not envious of the time needed for drying.

Maybe I’ll complete her in time to do a Trenton Crossing in honor of the Revolutionary War? Everytime I look at her I know she’ll float.. the question will always remain: how long will she remain above water?


1-washington-crossing-the-delaware-river-emanuel-gottlieb-leutze P09-21-11_15.53[1] P09-21-11_15.53


Written by Josecito

September 21, 2011 at 11:49 pm

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