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Amor y Amistad

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Tomorrow is the Colombian equivalent of America’s Valentine’s Day. It is called Amor y Amistad and it is meant as a celebration of all things love and love related. Being that there are more types of love than one can count, it makes sense to hold them together instead of having them limited to just love of the romantic type.

Sadly I am not in Colombia to celebrate this holiday. In my many years of trying to return to my father’s home country I always seem to miss the chance to celebrate this day with a woman I miss and love very much. Yes I know I am a weak man to miss someone and to show emotion but that is who I am and I can not change the man that I am, just like you can not change the stars in the heavens above.

So I shall call her, and only her. I shall tell her exactly how I feel and give her the only gift that one person can give another freely: love .


This weekend, if you are Colombian, celebrate it and feel great! If you are not, then I wish you all well and a safe fun weekend!


Written by Josecito

September 16, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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