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Ugh, for some reason I have not felt like myself these last couple of days. I should blame depression and nostalgia on these feelings of sadness, remorse, and time travel dreams. No, I am not referring to Doc from BTTF (see below), I am simply referring to my realization that the dating world is amazingly whorish. I’ve had more offers for sex than I can ever desire. I’ve had women that I haven’t seen in years literally throw themselves at me wanting me to ravish them.

doc ring_TWLStack_MAIN  I guess that I really want is very hard to find: a young loyal woman who loves me and wants a family. For that I am willing to offer loyalty, hard work, a dedication to marriage and to old fashioned values. Apparently this is dead in America as many women that I have met would rather ride a cock carousel for ten to fifteen years before giving up and settling down, after their nether regions are nothing more than vacuous caverns lacking lubrication and texture.

Does that sound like a nation on the decline or on the rise? It comes as no surprise to me that today I read a horrible study that showed that the more partners a woman had, the less likely they are to be faithful, loyal, or able to commit emotionally. The number was skewed in such a way that basically 2 or less was ideal (with 1 and only 1 partner being ideal).

It essentially stated the reason why men prefer virgins to whores and it also explained why some women will always be whores or become them over the years (mainly because they lose the ability to bond and become de facto men). I guess what I am saying is that I miss the concept of a real loving relationship. I miss having a woman at my side. I miss the ability to take care of a woman in exchange for her loyalty and ability to raise a family.


So much for the modern world. Families are being destroyed and with them, civilization.


Written by Josecito

September 15, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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