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For Guys with no Game

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I found a great video that expressed exactly what I see and do instinctively when out with a group of people and looking for a girl who likes me. Chances are if you are a somewhat shy guy and you don’t know the rules of attraction or the way women exhibit demonstrations of interest, then you are likely not a guy that gets many dates or offers for sex or even seen as desirable among women. I have many men that meet this criteria asking me: “it is soo true that nice guys finish last.” They complain that they become the : “friend” more than the “conqueror”. This is because women have made an evaluation and decided that he is a Beta, a lesser man not worthy of her forest. This is her goal: genetically a woman wants a man who is a commander, because leaders become high providers and high satisfiers and will shape the world around them. It is later on that you will see a woman with children marry a lesser man who will raise the children of the Alpha male in exchange for a chance to enjoy used women. He has lost the game and is now a slave to the Alpha male and the Alpha’s children.

Be a man, conqueror the women you want.

This video below explains a short amount of what I have been telling women and men about: pattern recognition is built into men. We are designed to decode actions and behavior genetically as a method for finding a woman who wants to breed with us. Once you understand it and pay attention, you will see it happen almost daily and can use it to get ahead in life, in love, and in society..

Precious few understand the rules, even less try them, and less still are the ones who become experts..


They are the ones that seem magical, confident, and charismatic. They deserve you affection ladies, because they know you better than you know yourselves. They know your soul and can play you like Beethoven plays music. Obey these men and you will be happier being their wife, their mistress and their lover, because we know how to make you complete, how to give you more pleasure than any man in your life.


Written by Josecito

September 8, 2011 at 8:54 pm

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