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Ladies, you need to change paths.

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No, this is not about finances but about relationships between the sexes. I found an amazing comment online that sums up exactly what happens to the majority of men and why we date younger women and avoid the older women who think that her career and earning is somehow going to translate into being desirableness among men.

Siobhan you don’t seem to get that men are ruthlessly judged on their height, status, finances, social standing, house, car, job title, head of hair, relationship with mother, and on and on and on with your 486-point checklist of the “requirements” to be good relationship material. Men put up with this bullshit in their twenties because they believe they have no other choice. Once they wise up to the true nature of women, they realize that women have nothing to offer at all except her looks, and that if we are to be judged ruthlessly on our accomplishments, then it is fair to be a harsh judge of women’s beauty.
The other thing you are not getting is that women past their twenties are almost all bitter, angry, spiteful, jaded, malcontents who pine for some asshole alpha who dumped them years ago. It’s called BAGGAGE. Younger women don’t have it, so they are fun to be around. Older women universally have very ugly baggage. Older men have baggage too, but a lifetime of being told to “suck it up” means that they have usually dealt with their baggage in a way that doesn’t effect other people too much.

Yup, that sums up my youth and why I never understood women nor their stupidity. Today I am realizing more that women and men think differently in ways that many of my male counterparts who are younger couldn’t conceive. A woman basically is attractive from about 16-26 years of age. Men do not have this problem and thus our ability to select is based on other criteria. After that the looks and appeal drop dramatically and they are bitter, cold, and worth less by the day. Yet many women believe the feminist bullshit about getting a job, a career, and their own money to be independent. This independence is not attractive for men because we then view you as a man and not as a women (because to be successful in a career requires you to taken on male identity). The result is that women graduate college and start a career to make money. They think that once they have money and are stable, that they can have kids. This is a lie. When a woman reaches this stage it is rare that she can successfully meet a man who will value her. This is because she has used her good looks, her youth and happiness on sex and men of any variety. Once she reaches the 26-36 age and wants a man for marriage, men in this same age group want a woman to marry but without the drama and dirt. We look for younger women because they are more fertile, prettier, and have less drama then the 26+ year old women. The result is that women who go past this age, become less valuable for the one thing they had to offer a worthy male: beauty and children.

Women, you should figure this out quickly and stop acting like men. A career is a man’s domain and motherhood is a woman’s domain. There is nothing wrong or stupid about marrying young or not having a career. The whole reason for men and women to exist is to reproduce in a family. This requires sacrifice and dedication to the correct priority. Career and money are not important priorities for women because you are the child birthers, No man can give birth to a child, that is why men work in a job: to provide money while the woman is at home raising the children.

It is a sacrifice on both parts: man and woman. Sadly women now are telling their friends to dump men who want to marry young. They tell their friends to get rid of a man who tells her what she can and can not do while they are married. This is the worst advice you can give your friend. It is usually given out of a jealousy that a housewife with children will be happier than a girl who works, is single and is 45 years old without children (no man wants her when they can get an 18yr old). Quit henpecking your group into ruining the human race, if you are over 26 and not married, don’t tell the younger girls to get a job. That is what you did and it failed to get you a mate/husband.

Do something genuinely beneficial for women: tell them to find a good man and marry. Ignore divorce, ignore alimony, the courts and social conditioning. The world needs stable families to stay together and from what I’ve seen, the women initiate the majority of the divorces and are the ones making themselves undesirable in the eyes of men.

No amount of makeup can cover up an aging she bitch man hater.. and we know it, which is why we avoid you.

The best advice I can find for a women wanting to be a wife and have a real relationship:

every woman has the power to make her marriage last for life, or close to it. problem is, none of them can be bothered to do the things that would be required. It’s so simple, our ancestors have been doing it for millions of years honey! Here is your checklist to ensure that you snag a good man who will not leave you when you age:
1) do not sleep with any more than 1-2 other men before marriage
2) marry by age 24
3) have children right away if your husband wants them
4) make fitness and attractiveness among your top lifelong priorities
5) make pleasing your husband a top priority
6) learn how to cook, clean, parent, and maintain a household
7) be faithful and devoted to your husband through life’s ups and downs
8) build up your husband’s ego and confidence by telling him how great he is
9) never, ever use sex as a weapon or reduce the amount you are putting out
10) always use sex as a way to please your man by dressing up, trying new things, being spontaneous, etc.

It’s really so easy a cavewoman could do it. But you spoiled 21st century bitches think you are too good to do any of this, so fuck you!!!


Written by Josecito

September 7, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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