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Today I read an incredibly accurate blog on another site that I just had to share with you all. It explains why “Game” and being a “Player” in the world of relationships has become very brutal and animalistic in America.

The basis is this : women are attracted to power and confidence above anything else (alpha male). Men are attracted to beautiful women who aren’t bitches above all else. When women get fat, men still compete for the fewer remaining skinny women which leaves the fat women unattended (except for pity fucks or desperation fucks). Even though the men are getting fat, women do not rate this on the same level as men do and thus, men can be fatter and viewed just as attractive based on cockiness and aggression. The end result is that there are fewer fuckable and desirable mates for the men, and thus the men compete fiercer for those few females which in turn gives those females inflated ego’s or turns them into whores or caddy bitches.

Then the women will state that men are pigs for following their genetic predisposition for skinny women, or that men are programmed by media to be attracted to skinny women. They will site Marilyn Monroe as an example of a full figured beauty. They attempt to state anything to avoid apologizing for being fat and ugly, which in turn, encourages men to be fat and ugly because we have no desire to fuck a fat desperate women and thus, we avoid dating in favor of sitting around and eating (substitution of aggression for depression).

To all the fat women out there: Marilyn Monroe was the equivalent to a size 2 today. Yes she may have worn a size 14 back in the 1950’s but your fat asses pushed those numbers out of alignment. Her waist was 21 inches (close to the average for the 1950’s). The average American woman’s waist is about 32 inches today. Get over it, you’re fat and 99% of our genetics tells us that you’re fat and less desirable than a woman of proportional body size. Yes you may have big boobs, but if that is the only sexy quality you can muster then you’re not going to be successful in the dating pool. Men want what we want.

You can never beat the laws of supply and demand..

Obesity to Blame for Game


Written by Josecito

September 6, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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